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Busy city lifes can make us feel lack of peace that mother nature can provide. Mt. retour, loosely means “return to the mountain” in French, is passionate about developing truly natural, truly certified organic essential oils and organic skincare products. The founder travelled to Grasse, South of France to learn the art of aromatherapy and this is where our expertise stems from.


Certified Organic by ACO & OFC

To maintain the highest standard of our products, we source our raw materials from accredited organic farms around the world bringing you the best we can offer. From Australian tea tree, Bulgarian roses and French lavender, our end products are individually accredited by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and Organic Food Chain (OFC). Our products do NOT contain any harsh synthetic chemicals including artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens or petroluem derived substances.


Everyday Luxury Organic

All the ingredients in Mt. retour range are taken directly from mother nature and we believe that this luxury should not be an expensive one. We strive to obtain the highest quality natural, certified organic and therapeutic ingredients every year. Some of the years, crop yield is not as great and the ingredients are costly but due to our high sales volume, we are able to keep to our policy in putting our customers first and maintain a competitive pricing.


Sensitivity Skin Friendly

All of our products are developed specifically for sensitive skin types. However, in more severe cases, please seek your doctor’s advice before using any skincare products.


Halal Certification

AFIC Halal Certification is an independent certification which recognises that all Mt. retour products and processing plants comply with the standards and requirements set by Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.


Made in Australia

The Australian Made logo is Australia’s most trusted and recognised symbol for products that are made or grown right here in Australia.

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