About us

There are many skincare products that are available in the market but looking for the right skincare product may prove to be an uphill task. Facing the challenge of eczema, our founder has always been on the lookout for a suitable product but to no avail. It was in the year 2012, when he was in Australia, he decided to try out organic products for the skin condition he was facing. To his surprise, the product worked. When he came back to Malaysia, he started researching more on natural and organic skincare products. Backed by his knowledge as a graduate in Biotechnology, it didn’t take him too long to understand that there are more people who are in need of a suitable skincare product for various skin conditions. He started to try out other natural and organic skincare products but there is that one brand that has been in his mind where he first got in contact with it in Australia.

As a result, he started to contact the manufacturer in Australia and tried to purchase more of the products in Malaysia. To his dismay, there weren’t any distributors carrying the brand in Malaysia. This is when he decided to rope in his friends and make it into a business. Vibrante Enterprise (VE) came into the picture in year 2014 to import and distribute Mt. Retour Organic Skincare from Australia. Vibrante (Spanish spelling for Vibrant) simply means energy, vital, exciting and lively. Our founders believe that every single one of us should benefit from mother nature. From its humble beginning that focusses on online trading, it has since expanded to more than that. VE main aim is to import and maintain its online platform.

In 2015, the partners notice the need to expand their business and this gave birth to Vibrante Essentials Sdn Bhd (VESB). VESB aim is the distribution arm for VE in retail outlets. They first started to distribute Mt. Retour range of products in a sizeable pharmacy in Petaling Jaya. The response was good and people has started to know the brand. Around the same time, they made another trip to Australia and decided it was time to bring in another wonderful product from Australia which is Purarose. VESB is continuously looking for the right party to partner and distribute Mt. Retour and other range of products.

With lots of determination and striving to be better, the idea of a retail outlet came into mind. This is when they decided to venture in a pharmacy. Vibrante Pro Sdn Bhd (VPSB) was set-up for this purpose. Under the trade name V Pro Pharmacy, we strive to be your local professional pharmacy that is able to cater to the needs of the community. Health and wellness has always been the aim of the company. Welcome to a healthy and vibrant you because health is Vibrante!